Saving the World

Changing The World, One Person At A Time
I don’t know about you, but I’d kind of like Read more…

Last Word

The Last Word
A sales manager and two of his sales reps are walking to lunch one day when they Read more…

A Fathers Love

A Father’s Love

When you were growing up, if you Read more…

Be at Peace

Be at Peace

Romans 12:18; 14:19


Have you noticed that over the past few weeks Read more…

Honoring Mom-Whatever It Takes

Honoring Mom—Whatever It Takes
I once heard someone say that Read more…

Be Positive

Be Positive

James 2:14-17


Those of you who have been able to listen to the Wednesday Word of Encouragement know Read more…

The Wednesday Encouragement

Watch our newest feature, the Wednesday Encouragement, for an update and tools you can use to stay emotionally and spiritually healthy in these trying days.

Living Life on Lockdown

Living Life on Lockdown


      Let’s just be honest—having everything shut down stinks. As I write this, Read more…

The Fire And The Flood

The Fire and the Flood

Isaiah 43:2

In August 1955, over a period of just a few days, Read more…

Praying Together

While we can’t meet together, join us in prayer where you are, Sundays at 9:30a.m.

Church Online

Services have moved online temporarily.

How’s Your Depth Perception

How’s Your Depth Perception?

I learned an interesting and expensive physiological lesson this past week Read more…

I’m So Lonesome

I’m So Lonesome
Psalm 68:6a
On the way home this past week I had my iTunes on shuffle when Read more…

The Area of Trust

I don’t know about you, but I often have an issue with Read more…

I Love You Even Though

How many times have you seen Read more…