What is your service like?
Our worship services are designed to be a time where we can grow in our connections with God and each other. Our messages are Bible-based and practical. We offer a mixture of traditional hymns and modern songs led by our worship band. 
Is there Bible School?
At the moment we’re offering two Bible School classes for adults at 9:00am. We are working to resume children’s classes soon during the 9:00 hour soon.
We offer classes for children up through 5th grade during the 10:00 hour.
What should I wear?
Our dress code is simple–come in what you would feel comfortable in. Wear whatever you normally wear. It’s your call. We don’t believe that dressing formally was something Jesus was concerned about, so we aren’t either. Enough said!
Do you have childcare at Cherry Avenue?
During the worship hour at 10:00, we have fun, exciting classes for children from birth through 5th grade. 
If I have questions who do I call?
Just call the church office (434-977-1515). Stan and Lindsay are always happy to assist you in answering your questions or help you sort through any spiritual or life issues.
Once I arrive, where do I go and how do I get in?
There is limited parking on Cherry Avenue and from there the double glass doors are accessible we ask that those spots are used for those who need wheelchair access or cannot walk up stairs.  Most use the parking lot on the side of the building or in back.
What do I need to know so I don’t look conspicuous?
Will I be pointed out as a first time guest? Will I be made to feel awkward, embarrassed, and uncomfortable?
Do I sound neurotic for asking all these questions? All valid concerns! You won’t look conspicuous. No, we will definitely not point your out or do anything that would not make you feel at home. 
I have attended other churches that I thought were non-denominational only to find out that they were part of a denomination. Is Cherry Avenue a part of some denominational structure
Cherry Avenue is an Independent Christian Church which means that we’re affiliated with a larger group of churches called Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. There are more than 5000 churches within our fellowship nationally. 
As an Independent Christian Church, we’re not responsible to a governing denominational board. Each Independent Christian Church is governed locally by leaders within the local congregation. A recent New York Times study showed that non-denominational independent Christian Churches are the fastest growing group of churches in America. We feel a part of that is because we’re not trying to bring people into a denomination, but connect them to Jesus Christ. Our aim is simply to help people get on the avenue to Christ. 
What if I decide to join Cherry Avenue? What do I need to do?
Obviously, we want everyone to be a part of Cherry Avenue’s mission, but we also want them to completely understand what we’re about in the process. We will soon be offering a short course that explains what we believe, how we do things at Cherry Avenue, and what it means to be a member. Keep an eye on your announcement sheet for updates.