Want to join us in our mission of reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus? Your generosity enables us to help more and more people experience a life-changing relationship with Him. We are truly grateful for your donation and hope the convenience and simplicity of our secure online giving option will be helpful to you.
By clicking HERE, you can make your gift online. You will be given the option to “Give now” or “Sign in.”
If you haven’t already created a login with our church giving platform, we encourage you to do so, as this will allow you to keep track of your giving throughout the year.
It also allows you to sign up for events online and through our church app.
You can also give by downloading our church app and tapping on the “Give” tab. You will have the same options as above to sign in or sign up, so that you can keep track of your giving.

Text “Give” to 434-533-9977
The first time you do, you will be given a link to follow to make your gift, and you can sign in or sign up with our church giving platform as above.
After you give the first time, you will only need to type an amount (e.g., 50.00 or 50) and tap “send.” 
If you mistype the amount, you can text REFUND within 15 minutes to refund the gift.
Text EDIT at any time to edit your information, switch payment sources, or see your giving history. 
Remember to save 434-533-9977 to your contacts for future giving.
When you make a gift online, you are given the option to make your gift a one-time or recurring donation.
By making your tithes and offerings recurring, you will know that your gift is always made at the interval you set.
If you prefer to give in person, you can do that using the offering boxes that are located at the two main entrances to the auditorium.
You may also give by mailing your offering to
Cherry Avenue Christian Church
1720 Cherry AVE
Charlottesville, VA  22903