Here’s a look back at all the fun we had at our 2018 spring teen retreat. Make sure you’re a part of it next year.

Welcome everyone!
We are glad that you’ve come to check out our Youth Group page. We would love to invite you to come and be a part of the excitement here at Cherry Avenue!
Sunday mornings @ 10:00am we have Bible School
Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00pm is Sunday Nite Live–a great time of worship, study, and fun.
In addition to these, throughout the year we enjoy
     ♦ Camp
     ♦ Christ in Youth Conference
     ♦ Lock-ins
     ♦ Service projects, where we put our
faith in action
     And much, much more!
If you have any questions about our Youth Group, any of our activities, or you just want to chat, please check out the Contact page. We would be happy to talk and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Sunday Nite Live
    Sunday Nights @ 5:30pm 
(check bulletin for Summer dates)
For youth events that have a cost (such as Laser Tag, etc.) we are instituting an incentive program that will allow you to earn points that can be cashed in toward the cost of the event. Each event will have a point value. 
For Scripture Memorization:
  • Each verse will have a numeric value. Longer verses will be worth more.
  • For memorizing the books of the Bible: 15 points for the OT books, 10 points for the NT books, and 5 bonus points for saying them all together
  • Memory work must be verified by Scott or a youth sponsor.
For Bringing Guests:
  • For each new guest you bring to Youth Group you get 10 points.
  • If that person comes four times  you get 10 bonus points.
  • If they come 8 times you get 20 bonus points.
  • If you bring a guest to Sunday School (verified by Donald) you get 10 bonus points.
(All that legal stuff that isn’t fun, but helps us keep everyone safe)
 Yeah, none of us like it, but paperwork is just a fact of life.
So below are the forms needed for any Youth activity that we do.